The Store This makes it possible for any modern man dress in good taste, regardless of income. After all, even as a representative, a rare for Russia, the middle class, having a car and good home, not everyone wants to buy a new European clothing at today's prices, let alone buy Chinese junk, because these people are like anyone else, understands the real value of the new things at least in the store although the market. In the cheap Chinese clothes and without walking a good half of the nation, and clothing is no different quality or range or matching the current trend (well, really only if the district). Thus, the average class often comes in second hand and certainly not from the fact that its representatives have no money, but from the fact that they do not want to overpay for what it clearly does not deserve. I did sell a second hand wholesale in Barnaul for over 7 years and I do not difficult to determine from second thing, leaving her only one opinion, I'm not talking about specific, not repulsive odor that persists after the first wash. So I personally have met hundreds of times the people who ride a brand new car of the middle class while they regulars second hand, it's not just the joy of the saved money, it's a thrill - the chance to find your favorite, super an unusual clothes, which sits just on you. In second hand there is a contradictory concept of choice: choice of one side of things is huge, more than a multiple of the store, but on the other hand every thing in a single copy and, accordingly, the same size.
Energy Motivation I will be perhaps a bit repetitive with this, but I want to be absolutely clear for those who really want to succeed! Wealth! And happiness! If you want to banish laziness and leisure completely! Be clear and specific vision of what you want done! Give it time! And get to work! The power of vision is extremely powerful! Do not be fooled by its apparent simplicity! Having vision is to have direction! Having vision is to have planning! Having vision is to have the life in your hands! So much so that it can do whatever you want! You can create your day, your life, your circumstances! If you do not know where you want to go, then you are wasting your time and energy in vain! Not living to the fullest! Having vision is to know exactly where you want to reach, in addition to knowing what you have to do to get where you want! When there is no vision the people perish! Proverbs 29:18 The vision is much more than the goals and objectives! It is the source of Energy, motivation and enthusiasm with which permeates your body is full when you start working to realize your dreams and your vision! When you have clear and precise vision of what you want, idleness, leisure, irresponsibility and indiscipline disappear completely! If on the contrary you commit, you start full of energy and whatever happens, whatever happens, to get into action and work to make your dreams come true! Want to succeed? For ten a vision, clear and specific so you can see every day, through a picture, through videos edited, or simply through the eyes of your mind but let him be completely clear and definite in your mind! And go to this amazing place! In your...