Defense Move Federal laws in the Moscow region were implementing it is very difficult. Regulatory and the legal framework of time was not brought into compliance with federal law. Laws limiting the rights of municipalities of Defense in the allocation of land, and the mechanism of land subjects of the federation - ie the Moscow region - was absent. As a result of diversion of land for construction start-up apartment building in the district of 'Youth' was carried out with a long and bureaucratic difficulties that have long time after it has been prepared and detailed documentation of urban development. I know - the city will be! To address the issue of resettlement of residents from the construction zone, the company 'Abris-SI' bought for family housing in the 17th Odintsovo district town. Part of the property rights were purchased by people and went to live in other regions of Russia. Under the terms of the investment contract, OAO Abris-SI 'move in ready home first m / to' Youth '55 families adjacent municipal residential buildings 36-38 years, (that are not just dilapidated, but also an emergency). With regard to private housing, which also must be reconstructed or demolished for slum territory, has obtained the consent of a number of people, land adjacent to the territory of the home. After commissioning, they will move into new apartments in the 'Youth'. The project to create a residential complex 'Youth' - a modern, comfortable, with well-developed social infrastructure - in fact, implemented since 2003. That it is ready for today? This 'pilot' 496-apartment 17-storey building with a partially executed external engineering networks.
The Color Purple If you do not like this color, you always have a clear position on life, neutrality is not for you. Life routine causes depression, you excite varied, full color life. You are constantly in search of new experiences, and the gray color is your association with the dust, perfume, a routine in the old house cluttered with the same characters inhabiting it. 11. The Color Purple. This color is expressed by the mystery and mystique. The color prefer to wear creative personalities inner genius. "The people in purple" is fascinating all the unknown, mysterious. Purple is the color red, which helps to translate our plans into reality. Prefer to see a purple target and achieving them. As you perfect harmony generosity, wisdom, observation, and partly vanity charming, you can quickly change the mood. As your character there was a contradiction in the fact that in this color interact conflicting blue and red, which you from time to time trying to reconcile, these people difficult to understand, but they are easy to communicate and coexist. If you do not need in the purple, you do not have the sincerity and honesty. You do not like risk, if not convinced. You clearly understand people and their deeds are good at life around you, but from friends require greater openness. Perhaps you do not have the creative talent, but you have developed a sense of criticism. This selects the color of the royal power, which seems too pompous. 12. BLACK COLOR is a negation of color as such.