Water Road Schley - Lanka located close to the equator, so that year-round warmth. The air temperature during the year 30-32S, water 26-30C. Malaysia t air t + 28C + 28C Water Road: A plane about 11 hours (from Moscow). Main 'attraction' of the country - untouched rainforest (his age 130 million years). Seasoned divers from one year to return to the shores of Malaysia: the underwater world is very rich. Malaysian resorts are open all year, but if you're going to the East Coast - plan the trip for the period from March to September, in West Malaysia - choose from November until early February. In December! Maldives t air t + 30C + 28C Water Road: approximately 8 hours by plane (from Moscow). It's a place on the edge of the world ' where there is no noise of cities and civilization, and there is only pure ocean and coral sand. If you are crazy gorgeous beaches - take your time. Scientists estimate that by 2020, the Maldives can go under water. Best time to visit: November - April (May - monsoon rains). Philippines t air t +30 C +25 C Water Road: plane about 14 hours (from Moscow). Philippines - is 7,000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean, most of whom do not even have their own name. Prices for hotels in the most moderate and the service at a high enough level. Year-round air is heated up to +30-35 C, but it's better to come here from October to March - there is no seasonal rainfall. Air Australia t 26 C t 20 C water the Road: The usual for us the winter months just fall on the Australian spring (temperature vzduha +25-27 C, water 20 C). Be sure to look at the Great Barrier Reef. Increasingly, tour...
Defense Move Federal laws in the Moscow region were implementing it is very difficult. Regulatory and the legal framework of time was not brought into compliance with federal law. Laws limiting the rights of municipalities of Defense in the allocation of land, and the mechanism of land subjects of the federation - ie the Moscow region - was absent. As a result of diversion of land for construction start-up apartment building in the district of 'Youth' was carried out with a long and bureaucratic difficulties that have long time after it has been prepared and detailed documentation of urban development. I know - the city will be! To address the issue of resettlement of residents from the construction zone, the company 'Abris-SI' bought for family housing in the 17th Odintsovo district town. Part of the property rights were purchased by people and went to live in other regions of Russia. Under the terms of the investment contract, OAO Abris-SI 'move in ready home first m / to' Youth '55 families adjacent municipal residential buildings 36-38 years, (that are not just dilapidated, but also an emergency). With regard to private housing, which also must be reconstructed or demolished for slum territory, has obtained the consent of a number of people, land adjacent to the territory of the home. After commissioning, they will move into new apartments in the 'Youth'. The project to create a residential complex 'Youth' - a modern, comfortable, with well-developed social infrastructure - in fact, implemented since 2003. That it is ready for today? This 'pilot' 496-apartment 17-storey building with a partially executed external engineering networks.