Sochi State Nature Reserve On Monday night, an avalanche covered the equipment and a tent camp of the 58th Army of the North Caucasus Military District on the Trans motorway. Later, an avalanche came down to the construction site in Alagir Zaramag hydroelectric Gorge in North Ossetia, killing 2 people, more than 80 employees have been blocked hydroelectric avalanche. Several avalanches descended in the Adler and Sochi. Trapped road Adler - Krasnaya Polyana. As a result of avalanches occurred cliffs power lines, partly as a result of electricity supply was disrupted resort region. Sochi 2014: UN judge Russian ecologists 'Olympstroy' ECOportal.ru have reported problems of construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi, where, according to environmentalists, could be severely damaged ecology Caucasus Nature Reserve. Last week, the problem has become again relevant. Earlier this week, the head of the organizing committee of the Sochi 2014, Dmitry Chernyshenko said that alternative locations for the bobsleigh track in Sochi no. head of state corporation "Olympstroy 'Semyon Weinstock, speaking on meeting of the Federation Council on preparations for the Olympic Games in Sochi, curled on the need to amend the Law on Protected Areas and the Resolution of the security activities Sochi State Nature Reserve. Environmentalists say changes to the law on protected areas is prohibited and in case of such changes, they will adversely affect environmental situation in the region. In order to completely understand the situation and the judge and environmentalists' Olympstroy "Russia has attracted experts of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) to conduct environmental impact assessment construction of the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.
The Other Apply it to both ends of the logs right in the middle. Draw a pencil line pitch. When the folding frames of logs obtained by the release of their last beyond the walls. Draw on a sheet of paper two of the same circle with a diameter equal to the average diameter of the logs. If your logs are processed "under the bracket ', the average diameter will be equal to the diameter of each log. The average diameter have to calculate when the logs of various thicknesses. For example, in the corner of 30 convergent beams, the sum of their sizes - 690 cm This number is (690) divide by 30 (690:30). Obtained 23 cm This will be the average diameter. Draw two lines through the center by gon (a line should be perpendicular to the other) and connect the points of their intersection with the circle. Get a square. Then divide it by two vertical opposite side into 8 pieces, the other two - in 2 parts. After this draw vertical line through the last 2 points. This line will be carried out combined with a vertical diameter at the butt-end transfer of the logs. Connect the line side, divided into 8 parts. One pattern is obtained with the parties 6 / 8 and 4 / 8, the other - from 6 / 8 and 2 / 8. Attach the plywood templates obtained. Cut them and make small cuts in places where there was a vertical line. For convenience, number the templates. Marking the cutting of logs first template attach to the end of the logs right in the middle. Try to combine cuts with drawn by the vertical diameter. Then circle the template outline. Sawing logs Once you raschertite ends, proceed to processing logs. First you need...