Microsoft Corporation In fact, the building was built on the shores of Lake Washington and priced at $ 55 million, looks like a four-, because the other four levels are hidden underground. Such a project is justified by economics: the underground area not liable for tax, but for the famous El creator of Microsoft Corporation has an annual spread of about $ 1 million. More than 3,500 square feet of "smart homes" include 12 rooms and 24 bathrooms, as well as cinema, swimming pool, ballroom, library and art gallery. The underground portion of the building provide natural sunlight: for this purpose was held fiber optic cable length of 84 km. The ventilation system works right on schedule, with the air outlet of the premises, passes through a heat exchanger to heat the fresh, coming from the street. Heating and cooling are carried out at home with the help of another heat exchanger, passes through the fifth floor, and uninterruptible power supply in the fourth allows smarthausu functioning correctly, even in the case of power outages throughout the county. Independent existence, regardless of external circumstances and provides a unique system of cleaning and regeneration of water: whatever happened in his house, Bill Gates will be in complete safety and comfort. By the way, to ensure the safety of the owner of the mansion is not requires a lot of security guards: a large area is viewed by five dozen artfully hidden cameras that are combined into a unified system of surveillance at home.
Attribution Article Need to reinvent the image of the external tooth-brush, on the basis of certain liabilities. For example: 1. I have to brush knob or the handle to be necessary as well as something to keep her (and that's not to say another, perhaps a brush to put in her mouth and she does it for you). 2. I should be cleaning the brush part is, it can be any, either bristle If you like, elastic plane with blades as long as he performed the necessary functions 3. The brush should lie comfortably in your hand. Looking for grips, serrated and so on, there should be working imagination. 4. To toothbrush well sold, it should look properly. But exactly how the designers decide, it will be a certain color, or of a particular material will be practical, or just nice to be comfortable or multifunctional This is just one example. I hope that is clear outlined the essence of design and its purpose. And let this used a simple toothbrush (in her place could be anything), but, nevertheless, the design present everywhere and in everything. This article may be published on any website just after the installation of a backward link to the source. And Attribution articles. Every day on our site are published on 5 new articles so please come we always have something to read. When we finish one of his columns, published a proposal to buy the full column. Applications for the purchase can leave a comment or send us the mail. The cost of an entire column devoted to a particular section of only 50 rubles. If you want us to send you a separate article, only 10 rubles, specify the title of the article.