Attribution Article Need to reinvent the image of the external tooth-brush, on the basis of certain liabilities. For example: 1. I have to brush knob or the handle to be necessary as well as something to keep her (and that's not to say another, perhaps a brush to put in her mouth and she does it for you). 2. I should be cleaning the brush part is, it can be any, either bristle If you like, elastic plane with blades as long as he performed the necessary functions 3. The brush should lie comfortably in your hand. Looking for grips, serrated and so on, there should be working imagination. 4. To toothbrush well sold, it should look properly. But exactly how the designers decide, it will be a certain color, or of a particular material will be practical, or just nice to be comfortable or multifunctional This is just one example. I hope that is clear outlined the essence of design and its purpose. And let this used a simple toothbrush (in her place could be anything), but, nevertheless, the design present everywhere and in everything. This article may be published on any website just after the installation of a backward link to the source. And Attribution articles. Every day on our site are published on 5 new articles so please come we always have something to read. When we finish one of his columns, published a proposal to buy the full column. Applications for the purchase can leave a comment or send us the mail. The cost of an entire column devoted to a particular section of only 50 rubles. If you want us to send you a separate article, only 10 rubles, specify the title of the article.
Architecture Cala di Volpe - a small area near the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, where there is beauty in nature. Crystal clear sea washes the white sandy beaches with evergreen juniper and fragrant flowering shrubs, that creates a unique and picturesque landscape and an unforgettable positive emotions and a desire to come back here again and again. Cala di Volpe when he saw for the first time, it is impossible to keep the exclamations of delight. Protected bay, surrounded by Mediterranean greenery c air filled with aroma of flowers, became famous and gained its popularity thanks to the love that you gave to this little corner of paradise Sardinia, the founders of the Costa Smeralda. History Costa Smeralda began in the early sixties, when the entire area was plunged into complete solitude. Then the Imam of the Ismaili, Karim Aga Khan IV in conjunction with Patrick Gines launched an ambitious project to develop the territory and Building on its properties, assembled a team of respected architects. Among them was a Swiss by birth, and French in spirit, the architect Jacques Cuello, while taught architecture at the Sorbonne. He intuitive feel and came up with the unique architectural style of the Costa Smeralda, which sustained all the architectural coast. Particularly inspired by Jacques Kuehl design and construction of the hotel Cala di Volpe Complex is located in the folds of the territory of the Gulf. It was the first luxury hotel built on the Costa Smeralda. Its appearance to blend into the environment and represents a cross between the medieval castle and a Mediterranean village, with towers, porches, windows, balconies, niches, arches and bridges. With unusual carefully chosen color finishes of buildings dominated by white, red and ocher. In the walls of the architectural ensemble of the hotel built stained glass windows,...