the type In the case of SMEs, the ability to drive innovation from the reinvestment of operating profit is narrow, if they exist primarily allocated to working capital, if not for dividends. The innovation financing through private lending institutions or public, in addition to using fees regardless of the type of credit sought only discriminate if working capital or acquisition of tangible fixed assets does not have assessment tools that innovative projects and try to gauge the profitability of them. Recognized the high mortality rate of innovations in the fact that few were to materialize into marketable products and profitable for companies in some countries, mainly European, national and local governments devote resources to fund venture capital practically expect higher recovery rates of loans that the call-repayable loans. In these cases, the aim is rather to create opportunities to engage in business ventures for young professionals to obtain a strictly economic profitability. Cost management: The management and in particular cost accounting in SMEs UNAA is another area that receives very limited treatment by Partee owners (managers). Some companies hire accounting services with the view that it is a requirement for tax and legal purposes. The backwardness and ignorance of the cost structures of production and operation of small businesses is one reason why they can not negotiate properly when inserted into a production line of customers and suppliers generally have sophisticated systems cost. Displays the same weakness when working with small businesses a wide range of products and / or customers and do not have an adequate cost system for pricing.
The Result But, although the undeniable utility, the combustion reactions are responsible for one of the biggest ambient problems of the planet: the atmospheric pollution. The derivatives of the oil, substances called hydro-carbons that are formed by atoms of carbon and hydrogen, are the generators of pollutants. What it is a chemical reaction? A chemical reaction is a transformation of the substance in which changes in the composition occur reacting chemistry of one or more substances, resulting in one or more products. When occurring a chemical reaction always will have an energy variation. what it is energy? The energy is defined as capacity to carry through work or as the result of the accomplishment of a work, if it has energy has heat. Therefore the heat is an energy form that if transfers of a point to another one whenever it has differences of temperature between them. In general, the result of the heat flows is the increase of temperature of the body that receives heat and the reduction of temperature of the body that yields heat. In function of the involved heat in a chemical reaction we can classify them in: Endothermic: They absorb energy in the heat form (ENDO = for inside)? Exotrmicas: They liberate energy in the form of heat (EXO = for are) In the Combustion or burning occurs a exotrmica chemical reaction between a substance (the fuel) and a gas (the supporter of combustion), generally the oxygen, to liberate heat. In a combustion complete, a fuel reacts with a supporter of combustion, and as resulted if it gets resultant composites of the union of both, beyond energy, being that some of these composites are the main .causing agents of the atmospheric pollution. In the combustion of the hydro-carbons (CO2) occurs to the carbonic gas formation and water,...