Useful When Moving Tips In white line issues, considers that if you're going to store coolers or freezers in a rented minibodega, these must be completely dry and stored in doors slightly open. You can store certain articles within them and stack boxes on top stoves, refrigerators and freezers. Make sure you clean stoves and other cooking equipment prior to storage in a minibodega. When in the case of bicycles and other metal items, it's worth that, to retard oxidation, clean all metal surfaces with a damp cloth with a few drops of machine oil. If you have books, prevents damage to them and package them horizontally. You can place pallets to prevent them from absorbing moisture, then fill in the empty spaces of the box with material to pack. Something very important it is that you must not save fragile items in the same box that contains books and, above all, avoiding overhead. Your clothes and your curtains should be stored on hangers. Where are too big for a box or that may not be hung, folded them carefully and keep them, along with sheets, blankets and tablecloths. For this you can use comfortable, Cedar chests or cartons that are type wardrobe. Prevents items that might attract pests, because if not you will have big problems in your minibodega. With regard to tableware and glasses placed a layer of material for packaging both at the bottom and at the top of boxes with glassware. These items should be kept in boxes specially designed to store tableware. Seeks to cushion each article individually: cups, dishes, etc. Already wrapped glasses should be stored on top of the boxes. Don't forget to mark cups containing glassware. Attempts to disarm your table, but if you can not put it upside down, you will be able thus stacking...
Russian Materials Leading position in the number and variety of products supplied from abroad to the construction market in Russia, is our northern neighbor, Finland. The reason for this, not only in geographical proximity and common history. Here simultaneously played the role of several factors. First, we must pay tribute to the sagacity of Finnish businessmen who have begun to assess the prospects and development of construction market at the beginning of . Many Finnish construction firms are familiar to Russians from the time. Secondly, the climate of Finland is close to the climate of Russia. Therefore, the Finnish building materials are perfectly suited to our frost, snow and thaw. At the same time, the behavior roofing materials manufactured in countries with warm climates, not always predictable, in our conditions. But the biggest reason - is the quality of Finnish products, its wide range. Most of the Finnish manufacturers building materials have a long history and unblemished reputation, and the technologies used in enterprises in Finland, one of the most modern in the world. About 40 years ago in Finland, a new roofing material - metal. For all the seeming simplicity of the production process of metal complex. On the formula of high quality and reliable metal beat many foreign and domestic producers. However, Finnish company with a large margin in the lead in this market segment. The clue to the soundness of which incorporated all the components of success of the final product, adherence to tradition and attention to detail.