Opening Shareholder This register is registrar (registrar). Responsible for the registry can as the enterprise itself, to issue shares, and an independent registrar, who usually serves several companies. The latter form of registration of shares in Russia most prevalent. U2 insists that this is the case. Learn about who is the registrar (the registrar) shares may be in the annual report of the enterprise. Buying stocks is necessarily accompanied by an account in the register of shareholders of the company. For the opening of the accounts of shareholders must either come in person to the registrar, or issue authorization form to his representative (eg, depositary of the broker). Registrar will require your passport and fill out questionnaire, based on which will be open through the registry, which will continue to be considered action. In the legitimate rights of the new shareholder enters into a few days days after the conclusion of the contract with the registrar. In the future, any changes in the official life of the shareholder should be reflected in the registry: these include a change of name or residence, exchange of passports and so on. To make / change the data in the registry under the law can only be a written order of the owner. Very often, the registrar of the enterprise located in another city. In this case, the shareholder may, at the arising need to apply to the transfer agent or registrar to broker. Transfer agent - a representative of the registrar, which receives requests of shareholders and the transfer of these documents.
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