Public Administration Necessity of an organization model more rational, enclosing all the 0 variable of a company, as well as the behavior of its employees. III. Growth of the size and the complexity of the companies demanded a model that allowed to a bigger control and direction of its employees and controllers. The theory of the bureaucracy has as initial function to guide and to organize the administrative work. For Chiavenato (2000), based in the model of Weber, the main characteristics are: to i.Carter legal of the norms and regulations; II. Formality in the communication; III. Rationality and division of the work; IV. Impessoalidade in the relations; v.Hierarquia of authority; vi. Estandarizados routines and procedures; vii. Ability technique and meritocracia; viii. Specialization of the administration who is separate of the property; ix. Professionalization of the participants; x.Completa previsibility of functioning; Throughout the years, however, the public administration did not move substantially in compliance with transformation of the administrative theories; she suffered, however, its influences. In reason of the traditional absence of focus in the results, the Public Administration adapta more slowly to the modifications in search of the demanded efficiency. Bresser Pear tree informs that the bureaucracy always was responsible for the administration of the State; it constitutes or integrates the administrative device of the State and for this reason, many times, the State with the proper public bureaucracy is confused. The author affirms, still, that: The public bureaucracy, however, is only one of the social sectors that they search to influence the State. On the other hand, the State is much more of what the simple device or organization: it is the constitutional-legal system - it is the jurisprudence and the organization guarantees that it.
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