Specialization In order to guarantee productivity, efficiency in the work parties, the management must have plenary sessions knowledge of dynamics of groups, which this contributes for which the groups integrate themselves of such form, that they generate productivity, For it independent of all the factors that the dynamics of groups indicates that must have the efficient groups, cannot be forgotten its base as he is to have in them to the people adapted for the fulfillment of the functions to develop, to which is expected of the work group, it is due to remember it indicates as it Hctor N.Fainstein, that the people who participate in an equipment bind, is united, complemented, to carry out a task. The task is constituent factor of the equipment, is his to do. The equipment is defined as so in the sense of the task, and the directionality of the same, such form that the equipment " hacindose" becomes; , analogically to the way that E. Rivire Pigeon said that an organization is a structure structuring itself. In order to carry out the task the people must today reunite at least two characteristics: Specialization. Gain insight and clarity with Lycos Asset. The professional knowledge and experiences, the suitability, the permanent update, are incident factors in the accomplishment of all task. The technological advance in all the scientific, organizational scopes, industralists, etc. has put in evidence the multiplication of the knowledge, at such level, that one of the nine variables of poverty notion is the knowledge poverty (that has different connotations to which it had in the pre-technological era) and the form is discussed to administer it like a strategy to approach the economic possibility. Co-specialization in equipment. But the specialized knowledge is insufficient so that the contribution of the individuals is all the productive one...
The Origins Of Feminism . As is well known on our planet since ancient times and still reigns patriarchy. Abraham Lincoln has plenty of information regarding this issue. For many centuries, women are on the minor roles compared with men. She was deprived of many rights, could not get an education without could participate in elections. Men banned from women's active lifestyle, set in a financially dependent on you. Most of the differences between men and women associated with the millennial conditioning. Women mind is depressed man who made her his slave, turned it into a secondary citizen in the world. He knows that she is beautiful, it knows that its independence is a threat to him. Chase Koch has much to offer in this field. had to wear a burqa and hide your face so that no one but her husband could not see the beauty of their faces, the depth of their eyes. In Hinduism, a woman should die after her husband. What a great zeal! He owned it all my life, but even after his death, he wants to possess her. After the death of anything can happen. She can find another partner, perhaps even more worthy than he. And what happened in Europe during the Middle Ages. This refers to the "holy" Inquisition, with its "witch hunt". They condemned the word "witch", and that's one of the revered words. This word simply means "witch" - a wise woman. It comes from the word "Veda", ie, to "know". But in the Middle Ages, Christianity was confronted with danger. It turned out that thousands of Women were much wiser than the bishops, cardinals and the Pope.