Self Matrix Replacement Laptop We begin with a quotation: 'The Matrix - one of the most fragile parts of the laptop. It is necessary to drop the laptop or stepped on his foot and it immediately goes down, there are black blotches and cracks. " Who would have thought! In fact, drop the laptop or tread on his foot is not necessary. There are lots of less radical ways to deprive the mobile computer screen. Extended ones option - close the lid without removing its case with foreign objects: pen, pen, computer mouse, loop cord. Sometimes quite small, almost imperceptible impact during transportation or handling. The cover is intact, but the screen drip. Sometimes blame themselves too tight loop. Outcome one - matrix should be changed. How complex matrix replacement laptop? Is it possible to produce on their own or better to entrust this business specialist? If you watch the information on the Internet, most sellers matrices traditionally describe all sorts of horror stories about the dangers of self-installation of the display into the notebook. In part this bolsheey reassurance or a desire to receive payment for surgery to replace the matrix of the laptop. Is it possible to do everything yourself? When a visitor asks for our employees: 'Tell me, I can ', he usually replies: "It is very difficult there is nothing, but we can not be responsible for your qualifications." Our people not only can, but wants it all make your own! It should be noted that many firms are removed warranty if the installation is not in their service center.
Holidays In Barbados - A Tropical Paradise ! There is a tiny Caribbean island called Barbados. Like the Bahamas, Barbados has become one of the favorite places of the most successful people in the world. And if the Bahamas is selected fans screaming luxury, live entertainment and ultra-modern infrastructure, a holiday in Barbados attracts quite different: quiet quiet beaches framed by lush tropical nature, low prices and extraordinary culture. Here, all the locals in the shower - Indians, but the whole lifestyle of the island arranged according to the old British tradition: Five-a-shred, cricket, golf, horse riding and Sunday . Let's take a closer look at the map of Barbados: St. James City to the west of the island in ancient times figuratively called "platinum coast", or because of the color of the sea in the area, whether because of the large amount of platinum, which pirates thrown, not counting this precious metal. District of Christ Church in the south is home to tourism in the Caribbean. The best beaches are located in Rockley, Worthing. Visit the restaurants and entertainment venues in the St. Lawrence-HepB and Oystins, take a deep-sea diving in the St. Peter to amazingly beautiful coral reefs. East of the country before the historic centers of Barbados - Holetown cities and Speystaun. Here also are the famous gardens of orchids, by which Barbados is also called island orchid plantation and Saint Nicolas Abbey. Barbados - the birthplace of cigars and a great rum, which has dozens of varieties and hundreds of flavors. Much of the history of Barbados tells its capital - Bridgetown. This is London in miniature. There is Trafalgar Square, a monument to Nelson, the House of Parliament and royal gardens. Britons still think native Barbados and go here as well as the Russian - in the Crimea. Although tours to Barbados give...